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Courses directly from the Consortium?

At the DQMH® Consortium, we believe our priority should be our customers’ success. Ensuring that your team is equipped with the knowledge needed to tackle your challenges is paramount to your success. 

All the DQMH Consortium’s official courses are conducted by our DQMH Trusted Advisors. There is obviously no better place or way to learn about DQMH and its accompanying tools.

In a nutshell, our training offerings help with fast-tracking your team’s journey to DQMH® proficiency and, eventually, DQMH® mastery.


Before-Hand Consulting

We’d love to hear any questions you might have about our course offerings. Feel free to reach out to us using the contact form on the bottom of this page or by sending an email to

Virtual Classes

All our courses can be conducted virtually using the remote conferencing technology of your choice. Classes will be split in half-days as virtual sessions tend to be much more intense on the participants. 


All participants need to use or bring their own computer with a DQMH-compatible version of LabVIEW installed. Ideally, the users will work on their own machines.

Customer Specifics

In the past, our courses used generic examples. We have decided to move away from generics and will work on a customer-specific example (information provided by customer before-hand).

Proficiency Level

A basic level of proficiency with LabVIEW (CLAD) is recommended. Any course-specific requirements for further knowledge of tools or methods will be listed at each course.


We can offer to bring in multiple DQMH® Trusted Advisors or the DQMH® Consortium team to present on their specific areas of expertise.


We aim to tailor all our courses and workshops to our customers’ needs, so prices will depend on the specific offering. We can offer to quote and invoice per person or fixed-price (independent of number of participants). 


All our training offerings can be organized to take place at one of our Trusted Advisors, at your company’s location*, or virtually via the remote conferencing technology of your choice.

* For on-location training, costs incurred for traveling will be charged on top of the training costs.

Official DQMH® Training Course

A 3-day workshop based on the Official DQMH® Training course, using customer-specific real-life projects instead of generic examples.


Who is this for?

(Teams of) LabVIEW developers looking into or already working with DQMH

What do you get out of it?

  • An understanding of where DQMH comes from and why it’s designed the way it is
  • Knowledge about the basic rules of creating modules and communicating within DQMH
  • Tips and tricks on how to build small, medium, and large applications based on DQMH

Where will this course take you?

Your team and you will be able to design and implement DQMH-based applications in accordance with the DQMH community’s proven and well-established best practices.

DQMH Course Contents


DQMH Basics

  • Introduction
  • NI QMH
  • User Events
  • Actor-Oriented Programming
  • DQMH Architecture

Starting a Project

  • Modelling with diagrams
  • Modelling with tables
  • Exercise: Design/model the example
  • Exercise: Create DQMH Modules
  • Exercise: Implement communication

Tips & Tricks

  • Helper Loops
  • State Machines
  • Sharing Modules
  • OOP / Classes
  • API Testers

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