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The Future of Team-Based LabVIEW Development!

What is the DQMH® Consortium?

The DQMH® Consortium is an organization founded by Fabiola De la Cueva to further the mission of the DQMH® Toolkit: To enable teams with different levels of proficiency to develop LabVIEW™ applications that are readable, maintainable, and scalable. 

The mission of the organization is to ensure access to the DQMH® software project and its derivatives. People and businesses may come and go, so it is important to ensure that the source code for these projects will survive beyond the current contributor base, so that we may create a stable framework for LabVIEW™ development for generations to come. 

Fabiola invited other esteemed members of the community to start this journey. The founders are Matthias Baudot, Joerg Hampel, Olivier Jourdan and Luis Orozco. This group, together with the DQMH® Trusted Advisors, will ensure that DQMH® is maintained and continues to evolve.

As the DQMH® Consortium is not meant as a money-making enterprise, any income will be fully invested in the development of DQMH® and other tools that benefit the LabVIEW™ community.

Board of Directors

Matthias Baudot

Matthias is the founder and owner of STUDIO BODs. He has been working with LabVIEW for over 15 years and is a worldwide leading expert in LabVIEW applications deployment, licensing, databases, and web technologies. He is a LabVIEW Champion, CPI, and has also been awarded “World’s Fastest LabVIEW Programmer” in 2015.

Fabiola De la Cueva

Fabiola is the founder and managing partner at Delacor, and she is the lead architect for DQMH®, one of the most popular LabVIEW™ frameworks. She is the co-author of “LabVIEW Graphical Programming“, is a CLA, CPI, CLED, and has been named a “LabVIEW™ Champion” by National Instruments.

Jörg Hampel

Joerg is the founder and owner of Hampel Software Engineering, the first German NI Center of Excellence. His professional interest lies in software development in small teams. He has a proven track-record of nearly 20 years of delivering successful customer projects. Joerg is a CLA and LabVIEW™ Champion.

Olivier Jourdan

Olivier is the founder and owner of Wovalab. He started working with LabVIEW in the late ’90s. He loves helping teams to design and produce well-architectured LabVIEW applications using the best development practices. He’s developed Antidoc, an automated documentation generator that fits very well with the DQMH framework.

Luis Orozco

Luis has over 20 years of experience as a hardware engineer and is living proof that DQMH allows team members with different levels of LabVIEW proficiency to efficiently work together in large applications. Luis focuses on test and measurement circuit design and can write low-level code within DQMH modules that can easily be integrated into larger applications.

DQMH® Trusted Advisors

What is a DQMH® Trusted Advisor?

DQMH® Trusted Advisors have been audited by the DQMH® Consortium to verify they are following our best practices and have a deep understanding of the DQMH® Architecture. At the DQMH® Consortium, we believe our priority should be ensuring customer success. This means selecting the best architecture and tools for the project. DQMH® Trusted Advisors have demonstrated they know when DQMH® is the best option and when a different architecture is more appropriate.

DQMH® Trusted Advisors can help you start a new project or perform maintenance or upgrades to existing projects created using the DQMH® framework.

What does it take to become a DQMH® Trusted Advisor?

To apply to become a DQMH® Trusted Advisor, your company must follow software engineering best practices and have a track record of successful DQMH® implementations. Your company must have at least one CLA or a person with CLA-level experience and proficiency. Your company’s LabVIEW developers should have the DQMH® Framework badge awarded by NI. Please contact us for additional details.

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Watch DQMH® In Action

DQMH® Framework Badge

NI (National Instruments) recently introduced the badge program. The badge program encourages developers to assess their understanding of Engineering Fundamentals and Best Practices by taking online multiple-choice quizzes. Developers earn a badge by successfully completing each online quiz. NI chose the DQMH® Framework as one of the Framework badges. DQMH® Framework badge holders understand the basic concepts of creating an application using the Delacor Queued Message Handler. Badge earners understand when to use the different DQMH® module types, how to extend the default modules and design applications with multiple DQMH® modules communicating together. They understand the different DQMH® event types and how to use them and are familiar with DQMH® productivity tools. We encourage everyone to earn their DQMH® Framework badge.

The DQMH® Podcast

The DQMH® Podcast is for the NI LabVIEW™ community. It is all about the Delacor Queued Message Handler (DQMH®) toolkit (a framework for NI LabVIEW™), and more broadly software engineering as it applies to NI LabVIEW™. Hear from the DQMH® Consortium and the DQMH® Trusted Advisors about how DQMH® helps solve their customer problems. Available via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, and Spotify.

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For LabVIEW developers and their teams, who need to rely on a well maintained strong framework and tools, the DQMH® Consortium is an organization of LabVIEW and DQMH® experts that maintains and improves one of the industry standard LabVIEW™ frameworks and tools.