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This year has been an interesting year so far. We made it to the CLA Summit in Austin and the one in Germany. We couldn’t make it to the first CLA Summit in India, which is a shame, because until then I could say that I was the only non NI employee who had been to all CLA Summits!
You can see the videos from our presentations here:

For an excellent summary of the European CLA summit, check out James McNally’s blog.
But enough with the nostalgia; a bigger event is around the corner: NI Week 2016.
This year our beloved Delacor Queued Message Handler (a.k.a. DQMH) has been selected as a LabVIEW Tools Network Product of the Year Finalist !
We will be letting you know if we win or not via our twitter account, our webpage , Delacor Toolkits group at and anywhere else we can think of 🙂
If you will be attending NI Week, this year there is an advance track of presentations led by the LabVIEW Champions, so we are looking forward to this new track.  These presentations will be in Room 15, so be sure to stop by and see what the Champions are up to.
We will be presenting the following sessions:

Remember to register for the presentations you would like to attend. In previous years, they have let in first the people registered for presentations.
Excuse me while I go back to work on our presentations. We look forward to meeting you there and of course, don’t forget to buy your tickets to the LAVA BBQ!
Until then, happy wiring!