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Joerg Hampel: “Delacor’s DQMH® framework seems to be a very good fit for our way of working: It supports the way we collaborate in small teams. “

Announcing DQMH 5.0 Beta

Hello, We have been busy implementing several of the requests you have sent to us either by direct contact or via the DQMH forum at NI. We also continue to eat our own dog food as we use DQMH in our own internal projects. We have been using DQMH 5.0 internally for a...

DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshop

The DSH “Pragmatic Software Development” Workshop targets LabVIEW programmers who want to improve their software engineering approach to programming. The next opportunity to learn from three experienced programmers / entrepreneuers? 22nd November in Munich!

My Journey through Actor Framework and DQMH

Marc Dubois is a guest blogger. He is the owner of Harotek that specializes in the development of LabVIEW applications for Augmented Reality and for Ultrasonic Phased Arrays for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). Fabiola asked me to contribute to Delacor’s blog about what...

VI Scripting: Add Glyph to VI Icon

Joerg Hampel is a guest blogger. As the owner of Hampel Software Engineering, CLA, and LabVIEW Champion, his biggest interest lies in team development best practices. This post was originally published on Using LabVIEW’s VI Scripting features, it is...